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It might seem like common knowledge but you should be using equipment belonging to your organisation in a sensible manner. Bob is here to give you a hand in how to use your email without disclosing sensitive information, how to serve the internet safely, why you should follow a clear desk policy and why you should back up all your data. Modules included in the bundle: Backing Up Data Email Etiquette Keeping It Clear Web Woes Read More


Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not let Bob assist you with getting up-to-scratch with the basics in information security?  Unsure what malware is? Don't know your passwords from your phishing? Bob's Basics bundle will teach you all you need to know. Modules included in the bundle: Perfect Passwords Virus Vigilance Phishing Fears Web Woes Identity Theft Mobile Working Read More


Begin your Cyber Security journey with our Cyber Security Bundle. Join Bob and his team as they guide you through the basics in safeguarding your information. For a bargain price of £59.00 can create true behavioural change within your organisation. Modules included in this bundle: Backing Up Data Data Protection Email Etiquette Identity Theft Keeping It Clear Mobile Working Perfect Passwords Phishing Fears Protected Premises Secure Printing Virus Vigilance Web Woes Read More


Social engineers know how to get the better of people - make sure you stay one step ahead. These criminals go the extra length to steal your sensitive data. Learn how to spot the signs and patterns in social engineering with this bundle. Modules included in this bundle: Phishing Fears Mobile Working Protected Premises Identity Theft Read More


This GDPR specific collection of modules helps demonstrate important changes and highlight some of the new additions. This course can be completed in about an hour or bite-size chunks at your convenience. Modules included in the bundle: Why is the GDPR so important Key Definitions Key Changes Concepts & Data Processing Conditions Key Principles Privacy Impact Assessments & Security Measures Data Subjects additional rights and consent Data Protection Officer Fair Processing Data Breaches and non-compliance Complete the demo module for FREE:  https://bobshost.co.uk/GDPRexpress/story_html5.html If you like the demo you, the entire Bob's Business GDPR eLearning course is a very cost effective way to raise awareness, up-skill staff and reduce risk.    Read More


Avoid Emptying Your Bank with Bob's Advanced Fee Frauds Module If somebody in the street promised you a small fortune tomorrow if you’d hand over your bank balance today, would you do it? Of course not. But every day, countless individuals are being duped like this over the internet. And it’s because ‘advance fee frauds’ are getting more believable and harder to detect. Don’t like the thought of letting internet con-artists get their hands on your hard-earned cash? Then buckle up and get ‘street-smart’ with our Advanced Fee Frauds Module. Read More

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